Before and After




What will this Facility look like when it is built?

What are the critical viewpoints that will be impacted by this project?

What does it look like from each of those viewpoints?

What is the extent of the visual impact on these critical viewpoints?







3D Visual Simulations

In support of projects and clients we create visual simulations of all sorts. We start by modeling the planned facility in 3D based on existing CAD and/or other available design data. Once the 3D model is created to design specifications we can use it to produce many types of visual simulations. These include still renders, photo composites, moving camera animations, animated model, combined animated model with moving camera, real time explorable models, and many more possibilities.

Animated Still

This involves a simple still frame photo composite with a portion of the facility model in motion. A good example is the animated wind turbine composited in a critical viewpoint photo.

Camera Fly By, Fly Through, Fly Around

When more detailed or overview perspectives are desired we "fly" the render camera along a path through, over, or around the facility model to create video similar to that seen in many movie shots.

Driver's Eye Motion Camera

Many critical viewpoints and visual impact concerns are for projects visible from a road. Often the best way to communicate the true visual impact for such a project is to animate a camera along a road at driver(or passenger) height.

Dynamic Model Animation

When a project requires showing anticipated change in a facility or area over time we model that change and render it from a still or moving camera.